Working in Start-up Atmosphere

Working in Start-up Atmosphere

An Int. Class Student Wonderful Journey of Internship at Max Interactive

We have been doing an internship at PT Max Interactive Technologies which is a subsidiary of Singapore’s company i.e. Declout. Our office is located at Menara Imperium, Jl HR Rasuna Said, Kuningan, Jakarta. The product that our team develops is ZiPay. ZiPay is a digital financial service providing credit payment service, BPJS, Data Package, Electricity, PDAM, and also game voucher.

We are placed in the marketing and business development division. As it turned out, our supervisor was our senior at Telkom University, Bang Zakky M Farras who was an ICT Business Alumni Batch 3.

Working in a start-up atmosphere is fun and challenging. The number of teams of less than 20 people and all young people (ages 20-30) gets us very close to each other. Working does not feel working because we are always interspersed with chatter and jokes-typical of young people habit.

Many activities we do during the internship. An office culture that respects each other and tends to apply flat hierarchy makes us work comfortably and dare to bring up ideas. Regardless of our position and our part on the organizational structure, anyone with ideas and inputs has the same opportunities to innovate. It is the main factor that makes us feel like home and happy to work here. We are often involved for both internal and external meetings (with partners, as well as potential partners).

Although given the freedom to work and innovate, we still respect others and take responsibility for the work. Our Project Leader who is a Singaporean citizen comes once a week for 2-3 days. Often, the jobs or decision making that requires approval will be done while he is in office. Usually, when he is in Office in Jakarta, everything becomes more busy.

In conclusion, an internship program in a company with a start-up atmosphere with flat hierarchy culture is very fun. Pleasure comes not only because we can be “relaxed” or “free” at work, but more because of our valued opinions and our involvement in important office activities.

So, my personal advice, if you’re the type of person who wants to be able to express, want his opinion appreciated, and do not like to do the same routine work every day, and likes to work with fellow youngsters, look for internships that provide the atmosphere, one of PT Max Interactive Technologies.






written by: Ghifari Syauqi Ramali

Ghifari is an active student of Telkom University International Class of ICT Business Management of 2014 gaining the chance to have internship at Max Interactive Technology based in Singapore.