Industrial Engineering

Faculty of Industrial Engineering was established on September 28, 1990. Industrial Engineering is a field of engineering science that concentrates on the analysis, design, implementation and improvement of an integral system that consists of people, equipment, funds, materials, and methods. In the context of the Industrial Engineering ontology Telecommunications Industry is an integral system that desperately need the presence and contribution of industrial engineering expertise.

Departing from such thinking, IT Telkom in its mission of being a provider of human resources in the Indonesian telecommunications industry considers it important to establish the Faculty of Industrial Engineering as part of a clump of field engineering in IT Telkom which focuses on the field of ICT in conjunction with the Faculty of Electrical and Communication and the Faculty of Informatics.

Vision of the Faculty
Being Industrial Engineering Program international class that is able to become agents of change in the form of intelligent beings who are competent and competitive in the development and management of information and communication industry and is able to contribute in building a prosperous society.

The Mission of the Faculty
International education to develop professional resources in the field of information and communication.
Conducting international research to develop science and technology and innovation in the field of information and communication.

Organizes community service and actively build synergies with industry / institutions at home and abroad.