Internship is a period of time during which students work for a company or organization in order to get experience of a particular type of work. International class students are expected to have their internship abroad or in a multinational company either Indonesian based company or Foreign based company. The length of internship is from 6 weeks up to 3 months.

Internship program in multinational companies has several purposes and benefits as following:


  1. To apply the theory that the students learn in campus activities.
  2. To gain work experience in the real life globally.
  3. To get to know the atmosphere and bureaucracy in practice.
  4. To train and apply the academic skills that the students learn.
  5. To improve academic achievement both in theory and practice.
  6. To develop the students’ confidence and collaboration skills.


  1. Preparing students before they go into real work.
  2. Building students character such as being discipline, responsible for themselves and for others.
  3. Improving students’ motivation and achievement.
  4. Creating students’ independence at work.

Internship Requirement and Procedure for Economics and Business Faculty

  • Before doing the internship
  1. The student should input internship subject based on their own guardian lecturer (dosen wali)
  2. The student must have reached (passed) 90 credits
  3. GPA should be at least 2.00
  4. The student input the subject in the beginning of semester 6 in accordance with the code of guardian lecturer
  5. The student contact the company to know the opportunity
  6. The student fills out the internship application to be signed by guardian lecturer
  7. The student then gives the form to the secretariat and gets a letter for the company
  8. The company approves the internship request
  9. The approval is shown to secretariat, then the student gets the letter of assignment from secretariat
  • During and After The Internship
  1. The student does the internship
  2. The student must meet regularly at least once with guardian lecturer before doing the internship
  3. The student must do the internship at least 30 working days
  4. The student must report to the guardian lecturer during his/her internship
  5. The student must make a report of his/her internship
  6. The student consults with with guardian lecturer
  7. The student submits the internship document to secretariat
  8. The student uploads the internship report approved by guardian lecturer in i-gracias maximum 30 days after the internship
  9. The guardian lecturer inputs the grade /score
  10. If the student does not upload the document after 30 days he/she finished the internship, the internship is considered failed.

Internship Requirement and Procedure for Industrial Engineering

  1. The student has the minimum GPA of 2.00.
  2. The student must have microsoft office skills.
  3. The internship period must not be longer than 3 months.
  4. The student should consult with his/her guardian lecturer (dosen wali) regarding the detail of the internship.

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