In order to facilitate you in holding or conducting activities other than lecturing in International Class (Floor 8 and 9) herein we stipulate the following rules:

  1. Students or lecturers even other units in Telkom University who will use facilities including room and others at international class for carrying out activities other than lecturing have to ask for permission to ICAO.
  2. Students and lecturers who will reserve classroom for a course replacement or a review session have to fill out the form provided by ICAO at least 2 days before.
  3. Students who will reserve the classroom for organization activities have to fill out the form provided by ICAO and enclose a request letter from a particular organization signed by advisor and Student Unit Affair.
  4. ICAO auditorium is not used for student’s organization activities, it is only used for general lectures and international class programs held by ICAO.
  5. Holding activities can be conducted only on Monday – Friday with the maximum time until 8 pm.