Summer school is a short program hosted by Telkom University partners to give students the opportunity to learn and experience the student life at their campus. Students will have the experience to learn in international atmosphere and to immerse in the local culture of the visited country. They will be introduced to the culture, food, scenery, etc. It is conducted with a different range of time from 1 to 4 weeks depending on each host institution program.

for more information about INHA University online Summer School you can visit :


Students must meet the requirements set by both Telkom University and the partner university to be eligible to apply for summer school.

Requirements set by Telkom University are as follows:

  • Telkom University student
  • Having a passport
  • Currently at least in the 3rd semester
  • Good academic record with CGPA ≥ 2.75
  • Good command of both written and spoken English proven by ITP TOEFL or EPrT certificate with score ≥ 475

Specific requirement set by Prodi MBTI/ICT Business for its students:

  • Successfully completed the first-year courses (no E grade)

For the requirements set by partner universities, please refer to the host university brochure.


Application deadline to ICAO for Inha University Summer School:

3 Mei 2021

  1. Students complete summer school online application form. To complete the form, you must login to your Telkom University email account or gmail account. At the end of the form, students must upload the scanned copy of the following documents:
    a. Passport (name the file: your full name_passport)
    b. ITP TOEFL/EPrT certificate (name the file: your full name_toefl/eprt)
    c. Academic Transcript (name the file: your full name_transcript)
    d. Financial Support Letter (name the file: your full name_financial support letter)
    The template for financial support letter can be downloaded at
    Please prepare the scanned copy of those documents in PDF and the maximum size of each document is 1 MB. 
    Click here to complete the form
  2. If the application is approved by ICAO, the students can then continue the application process by following instructions set by the host university. If the application is not approved by ICAO, it means that the students are not eligible to apply and they cannot join the program.
  3. After completing the program, students are required to write a summer school report and submit it to ICAO.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are two stages of application that students must follow to join summer school. First is the application to ICAO and second is the application to host/partner universities. Remember! You must apply to ICAO first before you apply to the host/partner university.


Fees, accommodation, and program details can be seen in the brochure below.




Should you have any questions about the program, please do not hesitate to contact us.