Details :  Student exchange is one of international class programs in which students are given the opportunity to study abroad at one of partner universities. The length of study ranges from one semester to two semesters. Students are expected to gain academic experience abroad and get used to the international way of learning and living. It is very beneficial for them to prepare themselves in competing and contributing globally.

More Information : Download the pdf or check the website to find out more detail information about student exchange program of each partner university. It provides information such as the requirements set by partner universities, tuition fee, estimated expenses, course list, etc.

Click here for more information about  Kanazawa University Exchange Programs (KUEP), 2022-2023 Japan

Kanazawa University Exchange Programs (KUEP)

Kanazawa University Exchange Programs (KUEP), Japan

“Eligibility Requirements”

Students must meet the requirements set by both Telkom University and the partner university to be eligible to apply for student exchange program.

Requirements set by Telkom University are as follows:

  • Telkom University students
  • Having a passport
  • Successfully completed at least the first-year courses
  • GPA ≥ 2.75 for Engineering Programs and ≥ 3.00 for Business Programs
  • Good command of both written and spoken English proven by ITP TOEFL or EPrT certificate with the score ≥ 500

For the requirements set by partner universities, please refer to the pdf file which can be downloaded above.


This is our partner universities for Student Exchange :

-[ONLINE]Kanazawa University | application deadline: December 9th, 2021

  1. Submission of Application Documents
    • Check the requirements
    • Fill out student exchange online application form. To complete the form, you must login with your Telkom University email account or Gmail account. At the end of the form, students must upload the scanned copy of the following documents:
    a. Passport (name the file: your full name_passport)
    b. ITP TOEFL/EPrT certificate (name the file: your full name_toefl/eprt)
    c. Academic transcript (name the file: your full name_transcript)
    d. Financial support letter (name the file: your full name_financial support letter)
    The template of financial support letter can be downloaded at
    Please prepare the scanned copy of those documents in PDF and the maximum size of each document is 1 MB.
    Click here to complete the form.
  2. Shortlisted Selection
    • Application documents will be reviewed and applicants who meet the requirements will be contacted via email for interview. Please check your email inbox (and the spam folder) regularly.
  3. Interview
    • Applicants will be interviewed by Prodi to see how much they know about the program and how ready they are to participate in the program.
  4. Pre-Departure Orientation
    • ICAO will hold an orientation for students to be prepared for exchange program. All applicants who pass the interview must attend the orientation.
  5. External Selection (at Partner University)
    • Applicants who pass the interview will be nominated as exchange students to the partner university.
    • Applicants apply online and/or submit the documents required by the partner university (check the partner university factsheet for the list of required documents).
    • The online application and required documents will be reviewed by the partner university.
    • There may be an additional selection process, and/or an interview conducted by partner universities if needed.
    Note: Each partner university may have different selection process.
  6. Accepted as Exchange Student
    • Applicants who pass the selection process will receive an acceptance letter or admission letter from the partner university and officially accepted as exchange student.
  7. Flight Tickets and Visa
    • Exchange students may arrange their own flight tickets and visa application; however, they must consult with ICAO beforehand. Exchange students must purchase return tickets for this program. Please visit ICAO for more information.
  8. Tuition Fee Payment

    Tuition Fee at Partner University

    Tuition Fee at Telkom University


    Pay Tuition Fee


  9. Course Registration
    • Exchange students must register for courses at Telkom University for the semester during exchange. However, each Prodi may have different regulation regarding course registration for exchange students. Please consult with Prodi.
    • Course registration process at partner university is different from one to another. It will be informed after applicants officially accepted as exchange students.
  10. Departure


Should you have any questions about the program, please do not hesitate to contact us.