international certification

International Certification

Students are required to have at least one international certification related to their field by the time of graduation to assure their competency to meet international standards. It prepares them to be ready facing the competitive globalized era.

This certification is a program to equip the students with international level skills and qualifications. In this era students need to compete with global citizens therefore it is our main goal to prepare students with necessary skills and training through certification. They learn how to keep up with recent global quality.

Some of International Certifications that students of international class take are: Lean Six Sigma/LSS, Microsoft Project, BSS, MSS, CAPM,NGN, ZTE, SAP, Oracle, Java.

The duration can range from 1 to 2 weeks depending on the types of certification.

Estimated Expenses
The expenses ranges from IDR 2.200.000-IDR 23.000.000

Note : One of the two compulsory international certifications is subsidized by Telkom University up to Rp. 2.500.000,-