Wonderful Experiences by Having Internship Program in Wondertech Pte. Ltd

Wonderful Experiences by Having Internship Program in Wondertech Pte. Ltd

We (Dianty, Rexy, Ocha, Asri, and Afril) have been doing our internship program in Wondertech Pte.Ltd, a Singapore newly established software and language learning, Internet Technology, and Intelligent Systems company. The internship was placed at Wondertech Pte. Ltd Yogyakarta, Indonesia (Explorer Campus). Thus, in this post, we would like to share our wonderful experiences by having internship program in this company.

Having an internship in Wondertech is great. We learned so many things and earned lots of new knowledge especially in business development. We were assigned different tasks in the Growth Division. There were Market Research, Talent and Customer Journey Mapping, Quote Thunder, CPRAC, Wonderworx, Marbi, TechSG Project, Talent Acquisition, and Social Media Content Marketing. The supervisor is Damar Ramadhan. We learned new things such as analyzing company’s competitors, market the new product, made a mock-up design and also make some contents to be published in the company’s social media.

The working environment of Wondertech is very nice and enjoyable. We are able to work in every place inside the campus. We could do our work by lying on the sofa and eat some snacks as long as we could achieve the targets. While doing our works, Wondertech provides many foods and beverages. The workplace is also comfortable. We were given a room with black chairs and colorful paintings on the wall. Besides that, the people are humble and kind. They also like to help us while doing the tasks and gave some guidance. Our relationship is not only in the campus, we usually go to some places for having fun such as go to cinema together and play badminton. The company gives flexibility for the employees to work remotely once a week. Besides that, the company provides us the accommodation, monthly salary, laundry service, and also foods for breakfast and lunch. For refreshing our minds because of the stress, the company provides some games such as UNO, Table Tennis, and other mini games.

The unique and precious thing that we got after one month doing the internship is, we were led directly by the CEO. He is Keith Tan. He came from Singapore to Yogyakarta and stayed for about 20 days. From him, we learned so many things that could improve ourselves better. We usually share our ideas and opinions and there was a low power distance in the Wondertech. He also likes to give the interns a workshop and buy us large pizzas plus additional pastas, so then we will have more spirit to work. Moreover, the CEO sees us as high motivational interns and gives a chance to Ocha to go to Singapore for a week for training and met with important clients. How proud we are as interns from Telkom University!

The most important thing, the internship gives us real work experiences and implement the theory that have been studied in the Telkom University. The program could create and sharpen our skills. Facing some problems during the program and understand how to solve the problems in professional ways. Learn how to have an interactive discussion by sharing some great ideas, know how to share opinions in a good way and still respect other people. This internship also could build more links for the future work opportunities.

Thanks for the Wondertech Pte.Ltd who already gave us opportunities to gain more work experiences and hope that the company will get some benefits from this internship program and always maintain a good relationship with Telkom University.

Warm Regards from us!

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