International Class Academic Office (ICAO) was founded at the end of 2015 to organize International Classes. During its first years, ICAO worked closely with 6 departments offering the international class programs. These six departments were ICT Business, Business Administration, Information System, Industrial Engineering and Telecommunication Engineering. Through the academic years, ICAO facilitates teaching-learning activities, holds Midterm & Final Exams and builds networks with Telkom University’s partners to develop international exposure programs such as EduTrip, Winter School, Summer School, Student Exchange, Joint Degree, and Double Degree. ICAO takes pride in its role to handle and strengthens these special programs and services where they not only serve the students and lecturers, but also strive to become an integral part of the students’ character development.

Throughout the years, the number of departments offering the international class program has been increasing, . Currently, nine departments has opened their International Classes. During the last four years, three departments has established their international classes. These three departments include Communication Study, Visual and Communication Design, and Electrical Engineering. The total number of students registering in the international class programs has reached 1012 by 2019.