At present the Faculty of Creative Industries Telkom University has 5 study programs namely: 1) S1 Visual Communication Design, with 4 concentrations: a. Graphic Design, b. Advertising, c. Multimedia and d. Design Management, 2) S1 Interior Design, 3) S1 Product Design, 4) S1 Craft, 5) S1 Fine Arts. Alumni of the Faculty of Creative Industries have given a lot of color to the development of the creative industries in Indonesia.The School of Creative Industries is one of the faculties of Telkom University (Telkom University) which is engaged in the field of Fine Arts and Design education which focuses on the development of education in the Creative Industry sector. In the beginning, the Telkom University Creative Industry Faculty was a transformation of the Indonesian College of Fine Arts and Design Telkom (STISI Telkom) which consisted of 5 study programs (Visual Communication Design, Interior Design, Product Design, Textile & Fashion Crafts, Pure Fine Arts) and 1 study program (DKV) from the Telkom Institute of Management (IMT), on August 14, 2013 merged into the Faculty of Creative Industries under Telkom University.


Become a superior faculty and center for the development of ICT-based creativepreneur and the culture of the archipelago.


  • Organizing education in the field of creative industries to produce graduates with creativepreneur spirits who master ICT and have a cultural perspective on the archipelago;
  • Strengthening research in the field of Creative Industries in collaboration with industry, academia, the private sector and the government to produce works that have an impact on the growth of the national creative economy;
  • Carry out community service activities through the implementation of Creativepreneur that supports the improvement of quality of life and community empowerment.