[Open Application] Student Exchange to Inha University!

[Open Application] Student Exchange to Inha University!

Be the first Telkom University exchange students at Inha University!

As of June 2017, Inha University has officially become one of Telkom University partners. Now, Telkom University students can go to study at Inha University as an exchange student. Student exchange program at Inha is a great way for international students to experience the unique Korean culture, learn the Korean language and to make new friends.

Inha University boasts a long tradition and heritage focusing on the natural sciences and engineering, and has produced generations of qualified engineers, entrepreneurs, and experts in various industrial sectors. Inha University has been consistently among the finest in various college evaluations nationally and internationally.

The application for student exchange program to Inha University for Spring 2018 is open from August 21 ~ 31, 2017.

To learn more about the eligibility requirements and the application procedure, click here.