[Open Application] Student Exchange to KIT!

[Open Application] Student Exchange to KIT!

“Through this exchange program, I feel so grateful because I really can see directly by my own self how great the technologies here since I’m studying in a nice institute of technology. I took seven classes there and I met kindhearted professors who treat us really well. What i really feel is I’m lucky that I can get an opportunity to try something that I’ve never tried before, to see and practice with tools that may be uncommon or not exist yet in Indonesia. Also, the ambiance and atmosphere for studying there is really great because all the students are ambitious to reach their goals so it motivates me to do the same thing or even more.”

−Alifia Putri Anantha, Telkom University exchange student to kit in Spring 2017

Since the foundation in 1980 as a university specialized in engineering, Kumoh National Institute of Technology (kit) has cultivated practical and creative engineering talents necessary for the development of national industry. To make a big push, kit has been committed to the growth of students, faculty members, regional communities, and national scientific technology through the advanced curriculum and education programs.

The application for student exchange program to kit for Spring 2018 is open from August 21 ~ September 15, 2017.

To learn more about the eligibility requirements and the application procedure, click here.