Online Workshop: International Forum. Empowering Research and Innovation   in Higher Education to Promote  Economic Growth of Indonesia and Malaysia

Thursday (02/11/21). International Class, Telkom University successfully held webinar event International Forum 2021, titled “Empowering Research and Innovation in Higher Education to Promote Economic Growth of Indonesia and Malaysia” This workshop invited two great speakers from Malaysia named: Prof. Ir. Dr. Hairul Azhar Abdul-Rashid (Vice President of Research and Innovation, MMU) and  Prof. Dr. Maman Abdurohman, S.T., M.T.  (Director of Bandung Techno Park (BTP) Telkom University)

This Webinar provided for all participants Empowering Research and Innovation. This webinar followed by students Telkom University and Academicians from Telkom University and MMU Malaysia. In the first session of the webinar which was opened by Cut Irna Setiawati (Assistant Manager for International Class and as Master of Ceremony). This webinar is continued by moderated Dr. Ira Wirasari (Manager of Graduate and International Class Unit).

Prof. Dr. Maman Abdurohman opened his presentation about The shifting of University Role. Then he continued by describing some examples of Invention and Innovation Process in University. He also presented about Innovation Management Organization (MOU).

The second session of International Froum, Prof. Ir. Dr. Hairul Azhar Abdul-Rashid.  He opened   his      presentation by explaining about Malaysia Socio-Economic Drivers. Then he continued by describing some examples of Digital Futures Research Hub, Humanizing Innovation 8 Research. The was attended by 155 active participants and they discussed in one online zoom room.