Enhancing Your Communication Skill Towards International Exposure Online Workshop

Want to Join International Exposures? Be Global? Prepare Your Communication Skill!

Wednesday (29/04/20). International Class organized communication skill online workshop, by taking theme “Enhancing Your Communication Skill Towards International Exposure”. This workshop presented Dr. Nia Kurniasih, M. Hum. (Associate Professor Humanities Research Group) from Institute of Teknologi Bandung. She is very expert in the field of communication skill English based.

The workshop was opened by the Head of Graduate Studies and International Class department, Dr. Ira Wirasari, M.Ds and guided by a Moderator. The workshop aimed to provide communication skills learning, prepare international class students of Telkom University for follow various international exposures agenda: such as Student Exchange, Internship in Multinational Corporation, Winter/Summer School. The workshop was attended by international class students with various majors in engineering, business and management as well as arts. Although based online using the Zoom application, the workshop was well organized and all 64 participants were very serious in discussing in one online room simultaneously for 2 hours.

Enhancing Your Communication Skill
Towards International Exposure Online Workshop

In this workshop Dr. Nia introduced first about Telkom University International Exposure Programs. Then she explained the point about Improving your communication skill, Organizing your ideas in effective communication.  Even though it was held online, the atmosphere of two workshops was very interactive, communicative and most importantly all the participants were very enthusiastic in discussing. Going forward, the Graduate Studies and International Class units, Telkom University will further enhance the similar workshop agenda to facilitate international class students in improving communication skills for the broader environment in all fields of science.

Get the material here : https://bit.ly/CommunicationSkillOnline