Academic Writing for Engineering and Social Sciences

In Writing an Academic Research? We should have the Tricks!

On Thursday (03/19/20). International Class unit, Telkom University, organized Academic Writing Workshops for Engineering and Social Sciences. These workshop presented by Mr. Dr. Eng. Khoirul Anwar (Director, Center for Advanced Wireless Technology, Telkom University) and Dr. Lucy Pujasari. S. (Editor in Chief of LISKI Journal, Accredited by the Ministry of Education) as Speaker for each of their fields.

This workshop aimed to provide scientific writing learning in English for the fields of Engineering and Social Science so students are able to write a paper or other scientific texts of high academic value. These workshop were attended by students who were writing research and Thesis. Previously, these workshop arranged held in the 8th floor of Tokong Nanas building, Telkom University, but changed to the online workshop, based on the Circular of the Chancellor Number: 040 / SKR4 / REK / 2020 dated March 15th, 2020 about Protective Measures Against The Spread of Corona Virus Disease (Covid-19), used the Zoom Application. This Zoom application presented all participants about 48 students and speakers were in one room online simultaneously with a predetermined time.

The first session of the workshop, Academic Writing for Engineering, presented by Dr. Eng. Khoirul Anwar, opened his presentation with an explanation of Grammar and Spelling Important, High Quality Journal, then gave several examples of errors in writing. With his experience as an Author and Reviewer, he delivered a Common Error Writing Paper. Besides that, Dr. Khoirul provides additional references for participants regarding Common Mistakes in Academic Writing, and one of the references about Latex-based writing which is certainly very useful for students majoring in Engineering to write in the Journal version.

Academic Writing for

Online engineering workshop.

Academic Writing for

Social Sciences online workshop.

The second workshop session, Academic Writing for Social Sciences, was delivered by Dr. Lucy Pujasari. S, where she opened her presentation with an explanation of Doing Qualitative for Social Research, points on How to start writing, Write you INTEREST Topic (2 Topics are good) along with the Reasons, and know about How to gain the data, and convey the topic of the Methodology section for social science. Even though it were held online, the atmosphere of the two workshops was very interactive, communicative and most importantly all the participants were very enthusiastic in discussing. Going forward, the Postgraduate and International Class units, Telkom University will further enhance the agenda of a similar workshop to continue to facilitate students and improve their ability to write academic and scientific work in all fields of science.

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