On Wednesday, 12th August 2020, the International Class of Telkom University succeed to hold a sharing session event by online via Zoom Application. This event presented Laksmi Saraswati, the alumni of Business Administration study program. Now, she is studying at Inha University, South Korea, as a student exchange in fall semester.

For about two hours from 01.30 p.m. until 03.30 p.m. (Jakarta Time), together with Bhawya as the moderator of this event, Laksmi shared a lot of informative sharing session about her experiences in studying at Inha University and also living in South Korea, such as how to apply this program, the lecturers, the language, the culture, the facilities at Inha University, and even the weather in South Korea.

By this sharing session event, Laksmi has proven that there is no need any worries to study abroad, because a lot of new experiences and knowledge that she got. “I think my English is getting better since I study here”, she said. Such a great alumn, right? Thank you to all the participants in this event. Don’t forget to follow ICAO Instagram account @icaotelkomuniversity for more information about the next sharing session! See you on the next sharing session!