When you have to print out your work or project during the class conducted, meanwhile, you have no much time to go somewhere far from GKU Building to print it, ICAO provides you for this service with the rules as follow:

  1. Printing assignment is only served at 08:30 – 16:00 by ICAO front liner.
  2. Each student has quota for printing his/her works maximum 25 pages per semester. More than that he/she has to pay IDR 2000 per page.
  3. The works that will be served to print are only the works in form of text and table with monochrome format (black & white) and no pictures.
  4. The student has to fill out this form provided by ICAO.
  5. The student has to send his/her work to [email protected] with the subject title: Name_NPM_Class_Subject_Number of Pages. For example:  SYifa Raihana_1401160198_MB-40-INT-2_Academic Writing_2.
  6. The student has to come to ICAO and show his/her Student’s ID Card in order to take his/her printing.
  7. The works will be printed based on a FIFO (first-in first-out).