1. Outgoing Immersion

Immersion is a program designed for international class students to have international exposure. They will have classes related to their field of study at partner universities and company visit abroad. They will also learn about the visited country’s culture, food, education system, etc. The program is conducted with different range of time. Some of them are conducted from one to three weeks depending on the program offered by host institutions.

Currently International Class Academic Office offers three destinations for Immersion program :

  1. Saxion University (The Netherlands)
  2. Kumoh Institute of Technology (Korea)
  3. Woosong University (Korea)


2. Incoming Immersion

This incoming immersion is a program for international students to taste the academic and daily life atmosphere in Indonesia. The students taking this program will be given chance to sit in International Classes in Telkom University depending on their background major in their origin university. Besides the chance to learn in Telkom University, they will also get exposed to diverse Indonesian culture.