Opening GLOW 2020

With the outbreak of the covid-19, countries all over the world are taking emergency measures to decrease and stop the spread of the virus. At the same time, all of these countries are preparing for a potentially longer disruption to face-to-face class attendance in universities. It is inevitable that every week of campus closures implies a massive loss in the development of human capital along with significant long-term economic and social impacts. Obviously, this has become a test to the strength and sustainability of higher education systems, while at the same time creating an opportunity for alternative educational development, including presenting online international collaborations in learning.

International Class of Telkom University tries to grab that opportunity by presenting Global Learning Week (GLOW) 2020. This year, GLOW invites 15 Visiting Professors from 6 countries: India, Belgium, Malaysia, Netherlands, Taiwan, and Bangladesh! They will deliver some interesting topics and enhance your global perspectives. Don’t forget to remark your calendar start on 13th-24th July 2020. 📝

Join the GLOW Online Opening Ceremony on Monday, 08.00 a.m. via Zoom. The link is:

So please bring about your spirits and take part in this important program. See you soon!