Internship at Indadi and Integra Malaysia

5 students of International ICT Business Batch 6 (Wirawan, Aditia, Lawrence, Yogi and Ghifari) have finished the Internship in Indadi Utama (M) Sdn. Bhd and Integra Logistics (M) Sdn. Bhd, Indadi Utama (M) Sdn. Bhd (INDADI) is an established Marketing and Distribution company in Malaysia. Started as a Marketing Representative company in 1998, INDADI grow fast to be a Marketing and Distribution company since 2001. Nowadays, it has proudly created a wide distribution network to serve both domestic and International market. With team of good-spirited and dynamic marketing and sales, it has established an effective distribution network across the region, allowing its products to reach consumers all over Malaysia. To support it’s main company, Integra Logistics are established and rapidly growing to distribute products.

Having an internship in Indadi & Integra were great. We studied, learned a lot of things, from managerial, operation, marketing, even life lessons are learned during our internship period in these companies. Each of us are assigned into a different division, and of course will have our own responsibilities. Wira, Aditia and Lawrence were positioned in Indadi Utama, they were placed in Mony Product Marketing, Kapal Api Product Marketing and Sales respectively. Meanwhile, Yogi and Ghifari were assigned to Integra Logistics, they handle Warehouse and Admin respectively. We were given some specific tasks, including managing all of the social media purposes (Strategy Building until implementation), managing the Kapal Api Marketing, creating the Sales report, identifying bottlenecks in the Warehouse and Admin, etc. We implement our LSS Green Belt skills in order to solve the problem in these companies, we also cinducted to a monthly meeting, where we can present our progress of our project in the front of all the employees (CEO, AGM, Project Manager, etc). They appreciate and valued our opinions, sees that as a serious advice for the company.

In these companies, we as interns are positioned in the same level as the employees, the CEO (Mr. Frankie Ridzal) have stated to all of the employees that we complete each other, we need the interns as the interns also need more experiences of the workfield. The companies have been growing fast, as there are a lot of stuffs to be corrected, the CEO stated that “The employees are facing these kind of problems everyday in front of our face, so we couldn’t see the problems, and so with the conditions of the company”. The experience were very interesting and very memorable, all of the staff were very kind, nice and supportive to us, we’d love to spend our time with the employees, we often discuss about the companies and all of the processes, or even our ordinary chit-chat. They are very welcome and we were appreciated. Even in our fasting month, we were invited several times to have a “Iftar” session together with all of the employees, including the CEO.  The company also provide us the accomodation (It’s a great accomodation), car for operational purposes, monthly salary, overtime salary, and also the return tickets for flights.

Internship does give us very great challenges to our life, especially it offer the opportunity for us to feel the global experience, we need to be able to compete globally.  It gives us the real work experiences and gives us chance to review and implement all of our skills that we learned in university. It improves our business sight, sharpen our ability to takeover or solve the problems.