International Class Students Go Abroad for Students Exchange & Joint Degree Program

International Class Students Go Abroad for Students Exchange & Joint Degree Program


August, 2016, Telkom University (Tel-U) sent 22 International Class students to study abroad for Students Exchange & Joint Degree Programs. For Students Exchange program, Tel-U sent away 21 students to 3 its university partners, namely, Kumoh Institute of Technology (KIT) and Sol International School (SIS) of South Korea, and Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM). Whereas, for Joint Degree program, Tel-U only sent one student to Fontys University of Netherland.

For Students Exchange program, all students get 1 semester to study in host university. They are from Telecommunications Engineering (12 persons), Business Administration (5 persons), International ICT Business (2 persons), Industrial Engineering & Information System (2 persons). Whereas, for Joint Degree program, the student gets 2 semesters in host university, one semester longer than Student Exchange program. He is a student of Information System.

Here are the following names of the students and their host universities for Students Exchange & Joint Degree Programs:

No. Kind of Program Name of Student Major Host University
1 Student Exchange ADITYA RIFQI JAUHARI Telecommunication Engineering KIT
2 Student Exchange ANDARINING PALUPI Telecommunication Engineering KIT
3 Student Exchange M. AKBAR IBNU FARHAN PUTRA SUJARWO Telecommunication Engineering KIT
4 Student Exchange MAHENDRA DIWASASRI REKA PRAVYANA Telecommunication Engineering KIT
5 Student Exchange NIMAS SEKAR AYU ALIFIA FATIHAH Telecommunication Engineering KIT
6 Student Exchange NURUL NADIYYA BUNGA AROFAH Telecommunication Engineering KIT
7 Student Exchange RAYMOND JOSHUA PARASIAN SIHOMBING Telecommunication Engineering KIT
8 Student Exchange REYNANDA ARIYOPUTRAKA Telecommunication Engineering KIT
9 Student Exchange RIZKY AMBARINI Telecommunication Engineering KIT
10 Student Exchange SATRIO YUDO PRAWIRO Telecommunication Engineering KIT
11 Student Exchange SHAFITRI NUHANIFA Telecommunication Engineering KIT
12 Student Exchange WILDAN MAULANA Telecommunication Engineering KIT
13 Student Exchange GILAR PRIMAYANTO Information System KIT
14 Student Exchange REVINA HARDAYANTI Industrial Engineering KIT
15 Student Exchange AFRILIA UTAMI International ICT Business SOL
16 Student Exchange DIANTY ANGGRAINI PUTRI International ICT Business SOL
17 Student Exchange MUHAMMAD TAUFAN ABIYOSO Business Administration UUM
18 Student Exchange MUHAMMAD IQBAL Business Administration UUM
19 Student Exchange HANI KHAIRUNNISA FADHILA Business Administration UUM
20 Student Exchange DIMAZ PRANATA RIZALDI Business Administration UUM
21 Student Exchange AYU AGUSTINE HERNOWO Business Administration UUM
22 Joint Degree ADRI RIAWAN Information System Fontys University