ICC 2020 Extended

ICC 2020 Extended

Hello Fellas!

We have a piece of great news, that the deadline of ICC will be extended! Yeay! We are so curios waiting for your video/performance/portfolio/story, until June 14th, 2020. Notice it, June 14th, 2020! So, please submit your works and win the prize. Oh, also the prize becomes IDR 30 million. Sounds great, isn’t it? What are you waiting for? Create and give your best efforts :)

Here we write the Assessment Criteria for every category, and remember that you follow this guide but please always present portfolio/video/writing as creative as you can!

Here also the link registration for each category:

Manual guide link is : https://bit.ly/ManualGuide2020

Registration link is : https://bit.ly/ICCREGISTRATION

Short Story Writing Submit link is : https://bit.ly/SSWICC2020

Video Competition Submit link is : https://bit.ly/VCICC2020

News Casting Submit link is : https://bit.ly/NCICC2020

Visuak Story Telling Submit link is : https://bit.ly/VSTICC2020

If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask and contact us :

(Dila) +62 813-1316-5323
(Bagus) +62 896-5605-1666

So, what are you waiting for? Join this competition and be creative!