Growing Eco-leadership in Educational Ecosystem for More Sustainable Indonesia

International Class Academic Office once again held the monthly event namely Leader’s Talk. Presenting the 9th episode, ICAO proudly presented Stig Traavik (The Ambassador of Kingdom of Norway To Republic Of Indonesia) who delivered the topic of “Growing Eco-Leadership In Educational Ecosystem For More Sustainable Indonesia”.

The event was held from 09.00-12.00 at ICAO Auditorium, 8th Floor, of Tokong Nanas Building.

H.E. Stig said that there are many challenges faced related to environment such as climate change and air pollution, threats to biodiversity, pollution of the oceans, and a lot of land change into desert.

He said that the challenges emerge since people do not understand how everything is interconnected environment. People should understand that if they ignore the ecology it means that the environment can be destroyed which means human life is in danger too.

The discussion under the topic was running quite colorfullly. About 7 questions from the participants were discussed in this episode of Leader’s Talk. Prof. Moch. Ashari said that the topic was very interesting because it can raise the awareness of people of the environment.