Joint/Dual Degree


Telkom University offers a program to students who wish to graduate with two bachelor degrees. Both majors or study programs will be taken simultaneously at Telkom University and one of partner universities. This way, students can finish both degrees in less time, compared to taking one degree program after the other.

Current partner universities that have an agreement for joint/dual degree program with Telkom University are as the following:

  1. Saxion University for Industrial Engineering (TI) students
  2. Fontys University for Information System (SI) students

Here are the basic ideas of JDDD program with Saxion and Fontys University:

  • 3 years at Telkom University and 1 (final) year at Saxion/Fontys University
  • At Saxion/Fontys, 1 semester theory & 1 semester graduation/final thesis in/for an international Dutch company
  • Double degrees: Sarjana from Telkom University and Bachelor of Applied Science from Saxion/Fontys University
  • After graduation you can stay in the Netherlands 1 more year to find a job, special visa is given
  • Employee for international Dutch company as innovative knowledge worker for several years

Further information on each partner university, please click JDDD Handbook 2017.


general eligibility

*templates of motivation letter and parent consent can be downloaded below:


  1. Application
     Check the eligibility and the requirements from your preferred partner institution.
     Fill out the online application here.
     Submit the required documents (hard copy) to ICAO after filling out the online application.
  2. Administrative Selection
     Applicants who pass the administrative selection will be contacted via email for interview. Please check your inbox (and spam) regularly.
  3. Interview
     Applicants will be interviewed by Prodi.
     Applicants who pass the interview must submit additional documents required by partner universities; high school certificate, academic transcript from 1st until 6th semester (or the last semester at Telkom University), and recommendation letter.
     There may be additional selection process and/or an interview conducted by partner universities if needed.
  4. Acceptance Letter
     Applicants are officially accepted if they receive an acceptance letter from partner universities.
  5. Flight tickets and Visa
     Flight tickets and visa application are organized collectively. Purchasing tickets and applying for visa individually are not allowed without ICAO permission.
     It is recommended for the students to stay in Bandung during visa application process.
  6. Tel-U Tuition Fee
     JDDD students receive 90% scholarship of tuition fee at Telkom University (Tel-U) so they only need to pay 10% of Tel-U tuition fee.
  7. Tel-U Registration
     Please consult with related Prodi regarding Tel-U registration and the study plan.
  8. Pre-Departure Briefing


JDDD Timeline

Should you have any questions about the program, please do not hesitate to contact us.