Dear students and partners in education,

Welcome to International Class of Telkom University.

Telkom University is one of the leading universities in Indonesia. As of 2017, it has already held 7 study programs taught in English called International Class. The programs and services for international class are designed to have international exposure such as edutrip, immersion, summer school, student exchange, joint/dual degree, international certifications and internship in multinational companies.

As a unit in Telkom University, International Class Academic Office (ICAO) takes pride in its role to handle and strengthen these special programs and services. We are not only pleased to serve the students and lecturers, but we also hope to become an integral part of the students’ character development.

In terms of technological highlights, we are aware that all universities will be required to include internationalization as well as online learning in their services. For ICAO, this conversion signifies an opportunity to use technologies in the classrooms. All our classrooms are equipped with conveniences like slide projector, air-conditioner, smart TV, high-end CCTV, and smart building system.

Should you require any additional help or information, please do feel free to contact our staff in ICAO Room 0911.