Step out of Comfort Zone! Student Exchange at SolBridge International School of Business – Spring 2017

Step out of Comfort Zone! Student Exchange at SolBridge International School of Business – Spring 2017

In spring 2017, four Telkom University students from International ICT Business program departed to Daejeon, South Korea. They were there as exchange students to study for a full semester at SolBridge International School of Business.

What they had experienced…

Dwita Adilah

It all started when I was writing my bucket lists on my journal during sophomore year that I wanted to live in the strange place that would bring totally new experiences for me. I took any kind of opportunities that could lead me to the goal, and I thought joining student exchange is precise while studying. However, South Korea, particularly Daejeon was never really on my mind. Despite everything, choosing Solbridge for Student Exchange program was absolutely one of the best experiences I ever had. So, there I go, my journey was started on February 18th, flying 2.677 miles away; the longest flight I had in life.

The goals were set as I flight to South Korea: immerse myself to the new culture, engage with many people from all around the world, take as much advantage from the professor and facility provided, explore the uniqueness of South Korea, and explore myself to the whole new environment.

Solbridge is really diverse in term of culture. There are many nationalities: Indonesian, Malaysian, Kazakh, Russian, Turkish, French, Mexican, Chinese, etc. I had Mexican roommate, Chinese classmate, Korean teammate, Kazakh, French, German friends at the school activity club, and learn Russian with the Russian. Not only friends, the professors are also from many different countries, I took Management Information System class with Pakistan professor, People and Organization with Korean professor, and Consumer Behavior with Turkish professor that used to live in Germany for years. Surrounded by many cultures teach me how to respect and be open minded on the different way of thinking and behaving.

I took six courses at Solbridge and others two at home university. I went to campus from Monday to Friday by bus from Solgeo, dormitory, to Solbridge or the other way around that is provided. I learned so much on time management there because I had to catch up the bus, not missing a minute from the departure time, unless I will be left behind. The classes were strict and scheduled since the beginning. Therefore, I joined volley ball club to give myself little rest, have fun and to stay healthy. Despite everything, the classes were fun as I obtained many perspectives on group discussion, but my favorite was Management of Information System.

Mizhgon Bakhti

While studying there for one semester I consider myself as of being under the pressure with the good meaning. I have participated in Debate Club, Dance Club, Cheerleading Club, Journalism Club, Volunteering Club. When we had exams I could spent my whole nights in the libraries with different kind of books and at the same time I could run from one building to another in order not to skip rehearsals of Cheerleading Club. At the same time, I had deadlines for my articles related to journalism club moreover I had to run to another session of debate club and be prepared to go to the orphanages to teach Korean kids from the volunteering club. And all of this pressure along with the haste was enjoyable for me. I was out of my control zone and learned how to perform non-routine tasks. I learned how to be a professional multitasker. Every course that I take and every club that I join I met a lot of wonderful people. I spent my best times with them by traveling and hanging out together. Now I am back to Indonesia and I miss the pressure that I had and miss those wonderful people that I met. Even though if it’s over I am grateful for life for such an amazing experience. I feel that I am much more mature and confident now.

Rhaudia Rizkita Maghfira

During my stay, I lived in a dormitory with a roommate from Russia. The University would not allow students that come from the same country to live together, the reason behind that is to encourage students to get out of their comfort zone and experience a new culture first-hand from their roommate. I took 6 courses during the season, but my favorites were Management Information System, People & Organization and Marketing Simulation. MIS class taught by Professor James Reagan, the most clever and easy-going person I have ever met. The way he brings his class to life by always putting his experiences as examples makes it easier for us to fit every theory to life. For Marketing Simulation, it was just a whole new teaching method to experience. We did not exactly have lecture, instead we were put into groups and run a car company simulation. So the whole class was competing against each other, managing to do tricks on marketing, on how to do the perfect advertisement and such. But above all of these educational advantages, the one thing that matter the most for me was the experiences and new insight on things I have never thought before. South Korea being a developed country made me do things in a different way, I am more responsible and put more thought on every works I am doing, always try to be punctual, and act the way I should be on every situation. I was very fortunate to have fellow Indonesians with me to help me cope with the new atmosphere for a while.

During these 4 months of ups and downs in Daejeon, what I get is how to bring the best of myself towards anything. I am more confident on showing what my strengths are, instead of bottling it all up, I chose to show it instead and see how people react. Now, I will take all matter seriously and be the best of me I can be.

Dhiya Najmilia Wibowo

The orientation week was really fun and helpful to me to know more about the university and the area around campus. They also introduced us about the program and the event that will be held in that semester. For example the event that was really impressive for me was a homecoming party, it was an event where every student can show their talent in front of the teachers and all the students. Me, Dila, Audy, Cherish and Ricky performed Saman dance and sing Indonesian folk song Yamko Rambe Yamko and at the end we won the first place. Because Chairman Kim Sung Kyung from Woosong University was impressed with our performance, he then invited us to perform again in the opening ceremony of Sports Day. We were very happy and it was such an honour for us.

Most of people are open-minded and they are pleased to help me and everyone whenever we need help. As a moeslim that wears a hijab, I never had a bad experience regarding the way I look. I was really confidence to represent myself in front of everyone. So I feel like I live in my country, not even had a time to think that I’m a stranger. If I had more time, I will choose to stay there longer and learn Korean language deeply. This country looks like the best place where people always obey laws and everything was clear and in a good order. Therefore, it gave me a good and strong impression.

Here are the lessons I learned from being an exchange student.

  • We are stronger than we think. As long as you being nice and humble to everyone, you will always get a positive feedback from everyone.
  • Enjoy the little things. 4 months was a really short-time to spend in another country, so just make sure that we really do our best upon everything, respect everyone and make every day memorable for you and your friends.
  • Try everything. I would like to encourage everyone to try something new, out of your comfort zone, don’t be afraid to get tired, get lost and make a lot of new friends. We have to make sure we are alive in each and every single moment and don’t be passive. Because now I regret about the moments which I was so passive about, the time I chose the few extra hours of sleep instead of going out and exploring further.

Leaders Talks Episode 11 : How Digital is Changing Leadership Roles and Responsibilities

Leaders Talks Episode 11 : How Digital is Changing Leadership Roles and Responsibilities


Bandung, Telkom University, (23/8/17). The most crucial problem in this era is the slow innovation and adaptation towards possibilities to be exact it is the changes that move faster that the innovation.

Telkom University through International Class Academic Office (ICAO), supported by Forum Alumni Universitas Telkom (FAST) regularly conduct relevant sharing knowledge named Leaders Talk to anticipate the occuring possibilities.

On Wednesday August 23, 2017 the 11th Leader’s Talk brought young potential woman that works in a business that is dragged into rapid digital dynamics. A crisis of communication emerges so that the conventional adaptation is no longer be able to be a solutiojn for the rapid changes. Noni Sri Ayati Purnomo, President Director of Blue Bird Grup Indonesia, a premium transportation corporation that untill now is being the top player in transportation business.

“Three important things that we adapt to build the corporation : integrity, hardwork and understanding all human assets as family. The change is definitely unavoidable yet following the change directly without careful consideration is not also wise”, she said.

Noni, herself realized that digital era has turned things upside down. The awareness of it has at least been previously  anticipated by creting My Blue Bird. In fact, the innovation is not really well penetrated while the data based coorporation came to Indonesia. Go-Jek, Uber and grab Indonesia are the popular names for that. Therefore, it is not the technology that has influenced the change but the human behaviour, too.

“ We have been striving to search our weaknesses and formulate the solution. In terms of technology, we already adapted to it. However, there is something else. There is service value there so that the try to adapt and face all the communication crisis by strengthening our service that portrayed tha quality and understanding the customers need”, she said.

The digital era, however, cannot be ignored. This is based on the statement of technology philisopher, Manuel Chastells. For him, the digital era is a society life transformation from materials order to information order, “rising the network society”, he said. This thing is reasonable because information based service that has been so far influencing the digital leadership. The company such as saja Uber, Gojek, Grab Indonesia for example, they are not transportation corporation but data service coorporation. “We could not say that they are competitors since they are not running the same line of business”, she said.

The event of Leader’s Talk Episode 11th were attended by several big companies in Indonesia and it is expected to give inspiration to do innovation in digital industries.

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Click the following link to watch the full event of Leader’s Talk Episode 11 :


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Internship at Indadi and Integra Malaysia

Internship at Indadi and Integra Malaysia

5 students of International ICT Business Batch 6 (Wirawan, Aditia, Lawrence, Yogi and Ghifari) have finished the Internship in Indadi Utama (M) Sdn. Bhd and Integra Logistics (M) Sdn. Bhd, Indadi Utama (M) Sdn. Bhd (INDADI) is an established Marketing and Distribution company in Malaysia. Started as a Marketing Representative company in 1998, INDADI grow fast to be a Marketing and Distribution company since 2001. Nowadays, it has proudly created a wide distribution network to serve both domestic and International market. With team of good-spirited and dynamic marketing and sales, it has established an effective distribution network across the region, allowing its products to reach consumers all over Malaysia. To support it’s main company, Integra Logistics are established and rapidly growing to distribute products.

Having an internship in Indadi & Integra were great. We studied, learned a lot of things, from managerial, operation, marketing, even life lessons are learned during our internship period in these companies. Each of us are assigned into a different division, and of course will have our own responsibilities. Wira, Aditia and Lawrence were positioned in Indadi Utama, they were placed in Mony Product Marketing, Kapal Api Product Marketing and Sales respectively. Meanwhile, Yogi and Ghifari were assigned to Integra Logistics, they handle Warehouse and Admin respectively. We were given some specific tasks, including managing all of the social media purposes (Strategy Building until implementation), managing the Kapal Api Marketing, creating the Sales report, identifying bottlenecks in the Warehouse and Admin, etc. We implement our LSS Green Belt skills in order to solve the problem in these companies, we also cinducted to a monthly meeting, where we can present our progress of our project in the front of all the employees (CEO, AGM, Project Manager, etc). They appreciate and valued our opinions, sees that as a serious advice for the company.

In these companies, we as interns are positioned in the same level as the employees, the CEO (Mr. Frankie Ridzal) have stated to all of the employees that we complete each other, we need the interns as the interns also need more experiences of the workfield. The companies have been growing fast, as there are a lot of stuffs to be corrected, the CEO stated that “The employees are facing these kind of problems everyday in front of our face, so we couldn’t see the problems, and so with the conditions of the company”. The experience were very interesting and very memorable, all of the staff were very kind, nice and supportive to us, we’d love to spend our time with the employees, we often discuss about the companies and all of the processes, or even our ordinary chit-chat. They are very welcome and we were appreciated. Even in our fasting month, we were invited several times to have a “Iftar” session together with all of the employees, including the CEO.  The company also provide us the accomodation (It’s a great accomodation), car for operational purposes, monthly salary, overtime salary, and also the return tickets for flights.

Internship does give us very great challenges to our life, especially it offer the opportunity for us to feel the global experience, we need to be able to compete globally.  It gives us the real work experiences and gives us chance to review and implement all of our skills that we learned in university. It improves our business sight, sharpen our ability to takeover or solve the problems.


Getting Global Exposure at Hanyang International Summer School

Getting Global Exposure at Hanyang International Summer School

Three Industrial Engineering students (Atika Emma, Nafisha Herma, and Tara Aldiera) of Telkom University International Class joined the summer school program in Hanyang University, South Korea for 1 month. They did a summer program in Hanyang University Korea. They had such a good experience during their stay.

After they finished the program, they are required to create report in the form of poster and video.  The experience and knowledge they get will be passed through their juniors who want to step the similar path to go global. Here are some of their sharing :
1. The city

We stay in the capital city of South korea, Seoul. The city itself is a very busy city that similar with Jakarta. But they really have a strict rules such as you have to cross by the zebra cross, and also about the recycled that we have to divide the garbish based on their types. That kind of rules is not usual in Indonesia but we have to admit that they are a really good rules. Also the transportation in Seoul is very easy that you dont have to concern of getting lost. All the instruction are easy to read and they are mostly in english. Bus and Subway are the easiest. We just need a T-money and we can go anywhere in Seoul. Also the bus stop and station are very near to the popular area or tourist attractions such as Myeongdong, Namdaemun and so on.
2. The university

Hanyang University is one of the leading private research universities of South Korea, especially in the field of engineering. The main campus is in Seoul, and its branch, the Education Research Industry Cluster at Ansan, or ERICA campus, is located in Ansan. Hanyang University enrolls over 2,000 foreign students each year and more than 3,000 students study abroad annually, and counts its 647 partner universities in 68 countries.

3. Classes

We took consumer behaviour and korean language 1 class. The classes are filled with students from many country such as Singapore, French, Netherldand, Rusia, Kazakhstan, and also US. The people there were very friendly so its easy to making friends. They also appreciate everything that you do even if you have a broken english, they will help you as much as they can. The teacher also very nice and helpful, they will appreciate all you effort and the most important thing is you have to come to the class you choose because Hanyang considering your attendance for graduation.
4. Activities

Hanyang provide many activites that we can join. They are Nanta Performances. SM Town experience, Mud Festival, Cruise Ship, Everland and Carribean Bay. The activites were really meaningful for us because we can experience many places for free and it was really fun.
5. Living

The living cost is standard but it is quite high for meals (7000 – 10,000 krw/meal). We stayed in Dongdaemun which is near from the Campus and we rented it from Airbnb. The reason we choose Airbnb instead of student residence is it is more comfortable and the price is also similar (idr 7 millions per month).
6. Visa

It is quite easy for the Visa, because ICAO will help to collect the visa document. And we can received the visa with just one week after the application.

  1. Poster of The Program








2. Video Log 1


3. Video Log 2


Wonderful Experiences by Having Internship Program in Wondertech Pte. Ltd

Wonderful Experiences by Having Internship Program in Wondertech Pte. Ltd

We (Dianty, Rexy, Ocha, Asri, and Afril) have been doing our internship program in Wondertech Pte.Ltd, a Singapore newly established software and language learning, Internet Technology, and Intelligent Systems company. The internship was placed at Wondertech Pte. Ltd Yogyakarta, Indonesia (Explorer Campus). Thus, in this post, we would like to share our wonderful experiences by having internship program in this company.

Having an internship in Wondertech is great. We learned so many things and earned lots of new knowledge especially in business development. We were assigned different tasks in the Growth Division. There were Market Research, Talent and Customer Journey Mapping, Quote Thunder, CPRAC, Wonderworx, Marbi, TechSG Project, Talent Acquisition, and Social Media Content Marketing. The supervisor is Damar Ramadhan. We learned new things such as analyzing company’s competitors, market the new product, made a mock-up design and also make some contents to be published in the company’s social media.

The working environment of Wondertech is very nice and enjoyable. We are able to work in every place inside the campus. We could do our work by lying on the sofa and eat some snacks as long as we could achieve the targets. While doing our works, Wondertech provides many foods and beverages. The workplace is also comfortable. We were given a room with black chairs and colorful paintings on the wall. Besides that, the people are humble and kind. They also like to help us while doing the tasks and gave some guidance. Our relationship is not only in the campus, we usually go to some places for having fun such as go to cinema together and play badminton. The company gives flexibility for the employees to work remotely once a week. Besides that, the company provides us the accommodation, monthly salary, laundry service, and also foods for breakfast and lunch. For refreshing our minds because of the stress, the company provides some games such as UNO, Table Tennis, and other mini games.

The unique and precious thing that we got after one month doing the internship is, we were led directly by the CEO. He is Keith Tan. He came from Singapore to Yogyakarta and stayed for about 20 days. From him, we learned so many things that could improve ourselves better. We usually share our ideas and opinions and there was a low power distance in the Wondertech. He also likes to give the interns a workshop and buy us large pizzas plus additional pastas, so then we will have more spirit to work. Moreover, the CEO sees us as high motivational interns and gives a chance to Ocha to go to Singapore for a week for training and met with important clients. How proud we are as interns from Telkom University!

The most important thing, the internship gives us real work experiences and implement the theory that have been studied in the Telkom University. The program could create and sharpen our skills. Facing some problems during the program and understand how to solve the problems in professional ways. Learn how to have an interactive discussion by sharing some great ideas, know how to share opinions in a good way and still respect other people. This internship also could build more links for the future work opportunities.

Thanks for the Wondertech Pte.Ltd who already gave us opportunities to gain more work experiences and hope that the company will get some benefits from this internship program and always maintain a good relationship with Telkom University.

Warm Regards from us!

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