Reenabling Leader’s Talk for the 4th edition : “Transforming Traditional Art Through Technology”

Reenabling Leader’s Talk for the 4th edition : “Transforming Traditional Art Through Technology”


“Transforming Traditional Art Through Technology” was the topic brought in Leader’s Talk on March 16 2016 in ICAO auditorium of Tokong Nanas Building. Organized by Telkom University International Class Academic Office (ICAO), this is the fourth event held which was previously organized by Tuvendo.

The event was officially opened by Rector of Telkom University and continued with lively presentation and discussion with Nancy Margried, CEO of Piksel Indonesia and Batik Fractal, as the keynote speaker. The audience of leaders talk was quite various. Important people from vice rectors, lecturers, managers to international students gathered in this intriguing event.


During the talk, the fellow of Asia 21 Young Leader class of 2015 explained that her interest in managing the transformation of traditional art through technology happened by accident. Started by small chat with her friends who come from various educational background and skills, she finally found a great idea –the batik fractal- to bridge batik with technology. jbatik was one of the batik fractal software found to bridge the art.

Along with 8 teams, Nancy had trained thousands of artisans to develop batik using the software. Some research was also done to improve the development of the idea. “It is our time to build a strong foundation of the traditional art future that can meet technology”, she stated.

Explaining the theme she said that Transforming Traditional Art Through Technology is her vision, where she and her friends will continuously develop technology to explore, advance, connect, and champion traditional art and the traditional artisans in Indonesia and next, in global world.

“We see traditional art, not only as a work of art, but also as an industry with millions of people depending their lives on it which needs technology to strive. We also see the traditional artisans not only as highly skill craftsmen and craftswomen but also as the source of ideas, creativity, and critical actors to pass the traditions from generation to generation, she added.

In the end of the event, the audience also enjoyed the closing session with art performance from Eka Sandvadita Orchestra whose personnel from Telkom University students. Some traditional songs were played beautifully and harmoniously. (Zaqi/ICAO)