Leader’s Talk Episode 27, 2021

Leader’s Talk Episode 27, 2021

“Digital Leadership in the Globalization Era”

Wednesday (11/3/21). Telkom University International Class successfully held the Leader’s Talk Episode 27 event in November 2021 onsite and online for the first time in a state of covid but still with very strict health protocols. This leadership lecture invited the Regent of Sumedang, Dr. H. Dony Ahmad Munir, S.T., M.M. Those who attend directly at Telkom University.

This workshop begins with the “In 2020, when the pandemic occurred, Sumedang made achievements, such as the best SPBE 2020, Innovative Government of the Ministry of Home Affairs, and so on. Because the Regent has always been a role model for other ASN through his leadership which will be shared with all of us today.” the chancellor said.

In the presentation delivered by the Regent of Sumedang, he talked about leadership in the era of digital globalization. The Regent said that so far, collaboration between institutions and industry has been the key to realizing innovative governance.

The head of a study program, dean, and staff were sent to attend the onsite leader talk, and 124 including students and civitas academic of Telkom University were attended and joined the first session till the end seriously. Our guest speakers have successfully inspired all participants to become active.

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