Webinar Self-Management, Confidence and Resilience: Improve our self now in Pandemic Era

Saturday (18/10/20). International Class of Telkom University held a Webinar “Self-Management, Confidence and Resilience”. This webinar presented by Mr. Ewaldo Antonio Prospero Reis Amaral, SE, MM (Learning & Talent Management Manager, Tiket.com) as Speaker, who is very skilled in the field of Talent Management and Human Resources.

The webinar was opened and handled by Nathanael Khareza, as Moderator. He is an international class student from Communication Science, as well as a student volunteer. Mister Ewaldo shared his experiences who worked previously in international company and joined International Student Exchange. He also gave strategy and tips and tricks how to improve our self in daily life, academic life and work environment for Telkom University students. This webinar was attended by Telkom University students with various majors in engineering, business and management as well as the Arts. Although based online using the Zoom application, the workshop was well organized and all 255 participants were very serious to lister, sharing, discuss and exchange arguments in online room simultaneously for 2 hours. Wow! Thank you so much for all your participation, Students!

Another publication : https://telkomuniversity.ac.id/self-management-confidence-and-resilience/