Ten ICT Business students gained a chance to get  internship in Integra Malaysia

Ten ICT Business students gained a chance to get internship in Integra Malaysia

Ten international class students  of Telkom University were granted opportunity to enrich their working and life experience in Integra Logistics Sdn. Bhd. The program started from June 8 and ended on August 5 2016. It took place in Subang Jaya, Malaysia.

The students taking the internship mostly came from ICT business major. One of the participants, Dhaifina Idznitia, said that this opportunity was given only to ten out of 29 students previously taking Lean Six Sygma International Certification conducted by NexMu. “The Director of Integra, Mr. Frankie Ridzal, asked us to send our curriculum vitae in the end of the certification program” Amasel, the other internship participant said.

During the two months internship most students felt enjoyable and not shocked with the situation they faced during the program. Amasel A. Swasono, one of the Tel-U interns, said  “we had visited the company while taking certification so we were used to seeing the situation there”. “However, there were some employees who were not really good at speaking English so we faced a little problem in communication”, he added.

The first task that was given to the interns from Telkom University was handling the inbound report leading to planogram making and its presentation. “We felt grateful that the planogram was finally implemented in the company”, Amasel pointed out. “In addition to valuable working experience the International class students also got salary and overtime fee. We were grateful to have it, he said.

Despite the challenge and work demand that the students got in the internship program, they were satisfied and grateful to have the experience. They learn a lot from the program. Both Dhaifina and Amasel admitted that they had more to learn in the real world than merely in the classroom.

Amasel and Dhaifina had some insightful things to share for their junior in International Class of Telkom University :

  1. Mastering more than one language is important for communication
  2. Opening up our mind for the coming opportunity
  3. Listening to other people’s advice
  4. The college culture and environment is really different from the ones in the workplace not to mention in foreign country (attitude is number one)
  5. Don’t be afraid to compete with other nations in foreign country
  6. The god’s plan is the best plan. Despite our highest effort we need to always remember that there is He who designed all our life scenarios.

Finally, here are some amazing photos and pictures of international Class students gaining 2 months internship in Integra, Subang Jaya, Malaysia. (ICAO-AZF)


On the right, Amasel A. Swasono, Tel-U Int. Class Students gave presentation about the planogram along with his friend, Dhaifina Idznitia


Dhaifina with Mr. Mahalim Athan, Operation Manager of Integra Logistics Sdn. Bhd.







mr. frankie

With Mr. Frankie Ridzal as the director


Taking pictures together with all Telkom University International Class Students










internship 3

With other interns