[Open Application] Student Exchange to Saxion University!

[Open Application] Student Exchange to Saxion University!

“The best experience about studying in Saxion is that Saxion has a lot of partnerships with big companies and the government. One of my dreams is to be an ambassador to represent a big International conference, and this happened. I register myself for one big project of Saxion [supported by the government] and the government accepted me together with other 7 students.”

-Ika Nur Afifah, Telkom University ICT Business Student

It could also be you! Apply for student exchange to Saxion now and do not miss the opportunity!

Application Period: Feb 5 ~ Mar 9, 2018
Administrative Selection: Mar 12~13, 2018
Interview: Mar 14~16, 2018

To learn more about the eligibility requirements and the application procedure, click here.