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Bachelor of Bussiness Administration


Bachelor of Business Administration study program- Telkom University are in the management of the ‘School of Business Administration & Finance (SABK)’. SABK was born in process of transformation  ‘Academy of Business Management Telkom (STMB Telkom) and became Telkom Institute of Management (IM Telkom) on March 28th, 2008, in 2012 IM Telkom joined the Telkom University under Faculty of Communication and Business. The transformation has done by IM Telkom in order towards World Class University (WCU),and the phase became a college of choice in Indonesia in 2017 and in Asia in 2021.


Become an international study program that can provide inspiration for professionals in the field of business management based on information and communication technology (in 2021).


  • Organizing and developing international standard education in the field of business in a transparent and accountable.
  • Developing and disseminating knowledge in the field of information technology-based business that refers to the values of professionalism, recognition of achievement, integrity, mutual respect, entrepreneurship.
  • Carrying out research activities, to strengthen and enrich the fields of science,
  • Carrying out community service activities in the form of consultancy, training and guidance to solve business problems

Program Educational Objectives

  1. Produce a Bachelor of Business Administration which:
  • Fear of God Almighty, have high personal integrity, capable of trying independently and oriented to professionalism, recognition of achievement, integrity, mutual respect, and entrepreneurship
  • Quality, independent, and have a high individual competitiveness
  • Capable of creating new ideas and inspiring in the face of business competition
  • Responsible and able to contribute to improving standards of living
  1. Produce scientific works of quality in the field of Business Administration for the improvement of quality of life

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