Dr. Mohd. Rasidi Bin Ibrahim Attended Farewell Session of Faculty Exchange Program at Telkom University

Originated from Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM), Dr. Mohd Rasidi bin Ibrahim ended his faculty exchange program at Telkom University. This program was conducted as one of MoU implementation between Telkom University and UTHM. The program was organized from October 6 – February 6, 2018.


During the program, Dr. Rasidi had been assigned for several programs, as in the tridharma roles. First, teaching for a semester in manufacturing process and machine element subject. Second, conducting research with colleagues and college students of Telkom University. In 4 months together, he could produce 4 scientific papers. Each scientific paper was indexed Scopus on tier Q2, and scopus proceeding. Third, research sharing and training every 2 weeks for book chapter writing for lecturers. Finally, community servicing that he did in one district in Tasikmalaya with several lecturers of Industrial Enginering lecturers including Haris Rachmat, ST. MM., and Dr. Tatang Mulyana.

With his expertise on engineering and technology, Dr. Rasidi has given a change to share many things both inside and outside Telkom University. The faculty exchange, hosted by International Class Academic Office along with the faculty has brought new insight and atmosphere in Telkom University.







As an implementer of G-Pro International Class Academic Office (ICAO) hopes to bring more lecturers from university partners around the world to develop the spirit of all academic community of Telkom University to be world class university.

In the near future, the faculty exchange program will also be followed up by sending one of Telkom University lecturers to Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (February-May 2018) as reciprocity partnership.