Boosting Public Speaking and English Skills Through Toastmasters International Program

Dozens of lecturers of International Class in Telkom University were gathered to join public speaking and English improvement program through toasmasters club International. This program was conducted from 9 AM to 12 PM in Tokong Nanas Building room 14. The lecturers joining this program were very eager to participate and improve their skills in English and public speaking. This program was initiated by International Class Academic Office in collaboration with Maranatha Toastmasters Club. Therefore, the mentor for the meeting is also regularly facilitated by the mentor from that university.
Normally, in 2 hours toastmasters meeting there will be several roles such as time keeper, grammarian, sergeant at arms, toastmasters of the meeting, general evaluator and table topics masters. One of the mentors attending the meeting was Mr. Fajar Merata was taking roles as general evaluator, toastmasters of the meeting and evaluator for prepared speakers. The rest roles were taken by lecturers in Telkom University.
This program is aimed to boost lecturer’s skills of public and speaking and English since the International Class in Telkom University uses English as a medium of instruction. It is expected that the quality of the lecturers can also improve the quality of education in Telkom University especially in International Class.