Summer School

SUMMERSummer school is designed for students to have international exposure. They will have the experience to learn in international atmosphere and to immerse in the local culture of the visited country. They will be introduced to the culture, food, scenery, etc. It is conducted with a different range of time from 1 to 4 weeks depending on each host institution program.

Current 2017 Summer programs confirmed to run by host universities are:

  1. Hanyang International Summer School (Seoul Campus), South Korea
  2. Saxion Summer School, The Netherlands*
  3. Inha University Summer School, South Korea
  4. Summer Session for International Students, South Korea**
  5. Globally Remarkable Academic Success Program, South Korea**
  6. kit International Program, South Korea (details to be announced)
  7. Hanyang ERICA Summer School (Erica Campus), South Korea
  8. Kumamoto University Summer Program, Japan
  9. Fontys University Summer School, The Netherlands
  10. SolBridge Summer Program (6 days) (10 days)**

*A package discount is available. Visit ICAO for more information.

**Application should be via Telkom University. Please contact ICAO for more details.


ICAO Summer School Procedure

  1. Students apply for Summer programs to host university.
    Application of some programs/packages should be via Telkom University. Please consult to ICAO for more details.
  2. Students confirm to ICAO about their application by filling out this form.
  3. ICAO facilitates flight tickets booking and visa application. Individual tickets booking and visa application are not allowed. Please click here for visa information.
  4. Students must attend the pre-departure briefing organized by ICAO.
  5. Students are required to make a report after completing Summer programs.
  6. ICAO issues letter of confirmation for students who have submitted the report. Letter of confirmation is to be used as one of graduation requirements and for earning TAK points.


Should you have any questions about the program, please do not hesitate to contact us.