Geladi/Short Internship

Geladi/Short Internship in International Companies

A program aiming to introduce the students to the real working situation in order to give them the experience of professional world. International class students of Telkom University are expected to conduct their internship in a company abroad or in a multinational company. It will give them the atmosphere of multinational and multicultural working attitude.

Geladi or short internship is not organized by ICAO. It is organized by PPDU (Program Perkuliahan Dasar dan Umum). This program is designed as a pre-internship. Students gain work experience in a company with the amount of time less than they spend for an internship.

The difference between short internship and internship are as follows:


Short Internship 


Short Internship is conducted in 4th semester  Short internship is conducted only for 6 weeks up to 8 weeks 


Short internship doesn’t have to be matched with the student’s major 


Internship is conducted in the end of 6th semester 


Internship can be conducted for 6 weeks up to 3 months 



Internship place should be matched with the student’s major